25 Great Amazon finds to elevate Working-From-Home routine!

25 Great Amazon finds to elevate Working-From-Home routine!

Hey Hey, how’s everyone doing? 

We are still here .. forever grateful for that! 

It’s nearly a year since the 1st lockdown. As there is now a possibility of the 3rd lockdown being extended indefinitely, if you haven’t already invested in a comfortable work area in a dedicated section of your home, this is surely the time to do so.

Detailed below is a curated list based on recommended products from Amazon, that will help elevate your work from home (WFH) routine more comfortably. Product links are embedded in the text highlighted in bold.

1. Mug warmer

Many of us can relate to making a cup of hot drink, you get distracted by work, a phone call or life in general, only to return to your drink and find it between lukewarm and freezing cold. If you like your tea/coffee kept at the right temperature or soup kept consistently warm, this useful gadget is for you. I absolutely love the fact that there is an alternative to re-making a cup of tea, I don’t have to constantly re-warm my tea or coffee in the microwave or throw it down the sink when it gets cold.

The Amazon best seller options are the Wandefol ElectricBeverage Mug Warmer, which auto activates when you place your mug on it and shuts off when the mug is removed. You can plug it by your bedside table or side table in the living room whilst you relax with a book or watch your favourite shows. The USB chargeable option, Arpstar USB Mug Warmer you can plug it into your laptop whilst working at your desk.

2. Universal Wireless Phone charger

I can’t begin to explain how useful and convenient wireless charging pads are! I got my first one at an eye watering price of £60 when I upgraded my iphone. I now have the universal one, placed in the office and it works great! Priced between £16.99 – £19.99 ( model W1 & W3, with various option of aluminum white, silver or black), you can’t go wrong with that price. The TOZO W3 Wireless Charger an Amazon best seller, it supports all enabled wireless charging devices with receiver such as iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iphone 11/11 plus, iphone 12/12 plus, Samsung Galaxy Note8, S8, S8+/S8 Plus, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, LG G4, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus and other enabled Phones and tablets.

3. Wireless Monitor & Mouse

Stop the entanglement of wired mouse with your wired keyboard, invest in a smooth transition of a wireless keyboard & mouse. Try the Logitech MK330 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Windows or for a splurge, there’s the Apple Wireless Magic Keyboard and Wireless Magic Mouse 2 ( Renewed)

4. Monitor stand

Neck pains, uncomfortable sitting positions for long periods of time especially now the norm is working from home. It’s important that your neck, eye, elbow ratio are on point.This VonHaus large curved tempered glass Monitor stand is a beauty and very chic.

6. Web Camera covers

If you follow me on IG @funjayjay you would have seen me demonstrate with the kids how easy it is to use the six pack webcam cover on all devices at home. In a situation where we as adults and our children spend more and more time on devices, with hackers on the rise, it’s safe to keep them away from possible prying eyes when using the devices without the need for deactivating the camera! I recommend these cam covers, they are ultra thin, cute, easy to install and they do a great job!

7. Insulated Tumbler with a straw & secure flip lid

I believe drinking from a pretty cup makes the experience more joyful! Just like wearing a great looking set of matching exercise outfit makes you feel (and look) good & put an effort into exercising for longer & better. Wearing a matching set of underwear makes you feel ‘nice’! It’s all relative…. this ‘relation’ happens to work for most people. I like to drink water from a nice cup because I’m not a very good water drinker. So wrapping my hand and mouth around a solid ‘good looking’ Simple Modern Classic Insulated Tumbler that comes with both a Straw and Flip or Clear Lid, which so happens to fit the bill for minimum amount of water required to drink on a daily basis is a win win for me! This great quality tumbler comes in various colours and sizes, in 12oz16oz20oz24oz and 28oz. The 28oz is a beast of a cup and you would hardly need that much refill through the course of the day.

8. SPF, SPF, SPF 50+

I can’t shout enough about how important it is to wear SPF on a daily basis. Those glaring artificial UV (blue) light reflecting from the screen onto the face can’t be good for the skin in the long run. Neither is your desk positioned where the sun filters through the window/blinds, placing you directly onto its glare. I’m no beauty expert, so I’ll let Ms Caroline H do the talking! Here’s one of the many affordable effective one she talks about, the Bondi Sands Sunscreen Lotion Spray SPF 50+ is highly recommended and I love it as well!

9. Desk Lamp

A good reading lamp is essential for an option of subtle lighting in the work area instead of a bright ceiling light. Love this chic portable Weareok Desk Lamp with Wireless Quick Charger that will look cool in any space. Bonus of 5 light settings, auto shut off and an in built wireless charging point!

Another great option in white is the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port with 5 Lighting Modes and 7 Brightness Levels.

10. Under Eye cooling gel strips

The Doppeltree Hydrogel 24k Gold under eye mask is a little treat for tired under eyes, can be used whilst typing away with no meetings scheduled …. for a while anyway. If you would like to go all out, the Doppeltree Premium Hydrogel 24k Gold Face Masks is extremely refreshing, saturated with 24K nano gold, collagen, Hyaluronic acid and Vitamins C + E.

11. Essential Humidifier

Relax your senses & clear the air from toxic fumes. 
The ASAKUKI 700ml Essential Oil Humidifier is my all time favourite brand. I’ve demonstrated the advantages of its use on my IG stories and feed as well. If you feel this may be too big for your work area, there is the smaller option of the InnoGear 150ml Essential Oil Humidifier which I use for the kid’s room and works effectively in the home office as well.

12. Under desk stool

Levitate those legs, if you can’t squeeze in time to leave your desk and go for a walk or exercise before you start work. No one wants DVT or blood clots in their legs. Yup! I’m talking from experience!
AMERIERGO Adjustable Foot Rest Cushion a sole saver under desk foot rest for improved posture, sciatica and orthopaedic relief. A firm support for your feet when you are working at your home or office, eases the strain and fatigue of your legs, makes you more comfortable, also helps you correct your sitting position.

13. Desktop bluetooth Speaker

The Bose Bluetooth Speaker is a great specimen of a speaker. It has a built-in mic for speaker phone to take clear conference or personal calls out loud.

14. Noise cancelling Headphones

I’ve had the Bose headphone for many years now and the quality it still exudes feels like it has just been bought recently. This is noise cancellation for a better listening experience in any environment and with Alexa built-in.

15. Compression Gloves

These Compression gloves are perfect for relieving repetitive Carpal Tunnel (typing, repetitive movements), Arthritis symptoms that causes pain.

16. PU Leather Extended Mouse Pad Mat

This PU Leather extended Mouse pad mat is very useful, serves as a comfortable surface to rest your mouse, keyboard and writing pad. This comes in a choice of 4 different colours. There are also options of Londo genuine leather extended mouse pads in a higher price range.

17. Phone / Tablet holder

Having phone/ tablet holder in the office is a game changer that allows you to view, use your phone and see incoming calls hands free. There is an adjustable height option or a simple sturdy option. Both styles are good quality and has a choice of 5 different colours

18. Comfy slippers

The beauty about working from home is no one can see what you’re wearing from the tummy downwards, even if you’re restricted to appearing on a video call. This is where wearing comfortable footwear can come in handy! As a fan of warm comfortable slip ons during the cold autumn/winter season, these UGG Women’s Open Back slip ons are great quality and comfortable. For warmer months, the sling backs are a go to, as they are stylish and comfortable. There are options for men as well, which serves its comfortable purpose.

19. Lounger wear

As I refer to it, the ‘Lockdown Uniform‘, it’s our go to attire whilst we are all working from home and the moment and even on weekends. Our ‘going out’ outfits are a bit redundant at the moment and we’ve all opted for stylish comfortable loungewear whilst we wfh, run errands or simply lounge at home. There are great loungewear options for men as well.

20. Ergonomic Office Chair

In line with investing in office products, top of your list should be sourcing a long lasting, great quality office chair and most importantly comfortable and supports the body during long hours in front of the computer whilst working from home. Purchasing an office chair that will give you a good neck and back support of utmost importance.

21. Unisex oversized wearable (hooded) blankets

All those times you wished you could wear your duvet / blanket to work, well here we go….. wishes do come true! This wearable unisex blanket comes in different colours, keeps you warm & cosy while you lounge at home, watch TV, work on your laptop, camp, play video games, attend a sporting event or concert, & more.

22. Mini Fridge

Any excuse to have a mini fridge, right? This is actually useful as it serves as a place to store some fruits, snacks, water and refreshing drinks (smoothies made earlier in the day) you can get quick access and keep you whilst working. It can also double up as a place to put beauty products that are required to be in a cool environment.

23. Dressing Gown/Bathrobe

Love the texture, style and look of this super soft, luxury, lush dressing gown / robe, something quick to throw on whilst trying to log on and settle in on after a hard day’s work!

24. Curved Monitor

Getting a good monitor is a great extension when working with a laptop. Check out this super slim curved LED panel

25. Desk Organizer

A tidy desk is the holy grail of a workable office space. So many options, colours, texture of matching desk organisers choose from, dependent on your office colour theme.

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    Great great post and share! Will be buying a couple of these.

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