Meet FunLola

I’m FunLola, cheeky ones call me FunJay (nickname formed of an abbreviation of 3 letters of my first name and last name) ! My favourite past times consists of cooking, recipe development, travelling, interior decor sourcing & styling and spending quality time with my friends and family. I’m an ultimate foodie, borderline an ‘Unapologetic Foodie’ at that! I love a good tasty meal and even ones I don’t like I will amend the recipes to suit my palette without ever compromising on taste. If you’re looking to make a standard Chicken Cesar salad *sucks teeth* what you’ll get is my version of Chicken ‘SeeZsa’ which is mind blowing if I may say so! My recipes are a twist to food I’ve tasted in my lifetime (so far of course), inspiration from childhood, boarding school, school dinners, restaurants, cook books, travelling and some tweaked at home off the cuff or through numerous recipe creations.


My passion for cooking and spending more time in the kitchen (yes that can be a good thing too hahaha), experimenting more on recipe development started intensifying about 13 yrs ago and my love for all things home refurbishment / decor, interior styling started prior to that period. This blog is a one stop shop that covers things I love (after my loved ones of course) within FOOD, DECOR & LIFESTYLE. I’m very excited about bringing these 3 elements together on my blog, to share my recipes, great places to source decor pieces at great prices, helpful hacks around the home, my recommended restaurants & hotels, travel adventures and great places I’ve stayed and would recommend if you’re in search of fantastic accommodation… a home away from home.






Collaborations / Partnerships:
I’m always on the lookout to collaborate/partner with inspiring brands that fall alongside my interests in Food, Decor & Travel. If you think that your brand or company may be a good fit for my blog please do contact me and we can figure out the best way to collaborate.


My views and opinions on this site are my own honest experiences regardless of whether I funded the purchase of products, trips, restaurant reviews or they were sponsored. I will always provide the readers with details of my true views and experiences. All content and pictures taken on this site are owned by me (unless otherwise stated), so please may I ask if any are shared across the internet / social media, these are linked back to my blog ( or my social media @funjayjay / @thefunjayjayexperience .

Thank You!

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