Hair utensils to the rescue..!

Hair utensils to the rescue..!

Many of us are currently going through a hair journey, due to beauty salons closed off during another mandatory lock down, we’ve now been relegated to DIY hair sessions at home. 
Currently taking day 302 of lockdown as an opportunity to thoroughly revive the kids (and my) hair and I’m determined to carry on doing so, however long it now takes. 

Here are seven survival ‘Hair Utensils’ that can help with the process of caring for your hair at home;

An affordable, versatile and effective way to carry out oil and deep conditioning treatments on your hair in the comfort of your own home. The electric steam cap stimulates the pores of your scalp, improve the elasticity of your hair, and heat is evenly distributed on the hair coated in oil or conditioner. Effectively improves and repairs hair damage and other problems. A bargain buy for its benefits!

You can never have enough disposable shower caps in my opinion, always comes in handy, come rain, shine or steam!

Super absorbent, cuts down hair dryer usage and reduces the risk of split ends that can occur when using a hair dryer for long periods of time. You can opt for a 100% cotton t-shirt as choice of fabric to dry your hair, I prefer this towel, as they have a comfortable fastening at the back so you can go about your business hands free whilst your hair dries naturally.

Wide tooth wooden comb makes it easy to detangle hair and prevents hair breakage when combing, reduces hair damage & split ends, perfect for afro and curly hair. The wooden tail comb is great for sectioning hair, created using 100% organic green sandalwood. I got rid of my plastic combs that caused frizz and breakage in hair due to the static & ridges in them.

No more using kitchen and/or stationary scissors to trim hair!

This hair scissors has an ergonomic design that’s easy to handle,  titanium-coated scissors are also more resistant to human sweat and if you have eczema problems while holding stainless steel shears,  it’s less likely to aggravate the condition. It reduces over extension of thumb and wrist motion, relaxes your elbow and wrist. Perfect for salon workers, barbers, and home use.

Amber glass protects the content of the bottle against harmful UV rays which is beneficial to store light sensitive products like essential oils, natural oils, hair moisturiser or any moisture based concoction you see fit to place in the bottles. This is a 16 piece set that comes with accessories, different sizes glass bottles that can serve various purposes, and handy to have spares around the house. Take your pick, you get a lot for the price!

Mulberry silk …. has so many benefits, nothing quite like it. I have 3 of these silk bonnets in different colours and they are comfortable to wear and are non-slip.  This silk bonnet protects your hair from the dryness caused by friction between your hair and pillowcases and retains hair’s natural moisture and shine.

What are your ‘go to’ hair utensils that you use at home? Let me know in the comments section below. I need to learn in case I’ve missed anything out!





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