At Home With Charred

At Home With Charred

We’ve just completed week 1 of the UK mandatory lockdown. I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to getting complacent about picking up the same fast food or ordering in your favourite takeaway meal, in which ‘favourite’ is now a loosely used word.

So .. starting off my blog on restaurant reviews with a great gem I came across last month.

If you want something different, a high quality BBQ style street food in the comfort of your own home with all the prep work & part cooking is done for you, I would suggest trying out By Charred delivery service ‘At Home By Charred’.

I came across their Instagram page @bycharred couple of months ago, ordered online, swift scheduled delivery and I’m already contemplating pre-ordering for a nice Christmas Day or Boxing Day Dinner.

The 14 Hour Smoked Brisket literally melted in my mouth like butter, it was marinated heavily & tasted heavenly. The fat on the brisket was rendered perfectly, very tender meat.

The Chicken … OMG! The whole Spatchcock Smoked Chicken, Lime, Chipotle and Honey Glaze … ‘dry brined with spice’ dare I say this is one of the best chicken I’ve ever tasted! Wrapped & cooked in brown paper, moist, succulent, the ‘charred’ flavour, the spices… magnificent!

The Crushed New Potato with Green Olive, Capers, Smoked Dried Tomato & Pink Peppercorn, this was a perfect accompaniment to the ‘meats’ we ordered.

The Jalapeno & Feta Corn Bread with a side Maple Butter ….. I’m speechless! It was divine!

The Flatbread was soft and fluffy and perfect accompaniment to create wraps for the meats & sauces. 

The Honey smoked Turkey we left for lunch the next day, as we were stuffed from the previous nightNow… I’m not a fan of turkey (I don’t even cook it at Christmas) as I always find it bland, but THIS Buttermilk brined turkey breast smoked over pecan wood and glazed with honey butter and black pepper, proved the nay sayers wrong that turkey flesh can be manipulated the right way to taste good . This was served as a sandwich in sourdough bread as suggested on the site.

The entire meal that was delivered was prepped & cooked simultaneously & took approximately 60 minutes to ‘cook’. 

I loved the packaging of the food, it was protected in a nicely chilled bag and its fragility was clearly labelled. There was detailed print out of prepping/cooking instructions that came with the package. It was utterly Foolproof! The website also provides you with serving suggestions for each type of meat/meal, which was a very helpful addition.

The family and I totally enjoyed the meal & this is perfect answer to good wholesome food that you can serve your friends/family as a tapas format on a weekend or simply if you haven’t got enough time to cook but want to serve a ‘homemade’ wholesome restaurant  tapas style street food. great quality ‘Fast food’ in the comfort of your own home can’t get better than this.  By Charred cut out hours of cooking meats for you and delivers to your door for you to finish it off doing a minimal prep. 

The sauces I ordered with the food; Chimichurri, Herb buttermilk, Apricot chutney, Red pepper harissa, and two of my favourites, Apricot Chutney & the family fave was the Smoked Aubergine with pickled Pomegranate, Zaatar, Feta and fresh Mint.

Without a doubt, Charred is a great take on American BBQ: traditional Texas-style smoked meats, paired with fresh and modern accompaniments for a uniquely elevated BBQ experience.

All their succulent tasty meats, sides, condiments are designed for you to mix and match anything to create your plate own, so there are no rules to what goes with what. Bespoke meal at its best!

Check them out and feed your eyes (and stomachs) ! You won’t be disappointed!

You can watch a video of my By Charred delivery and  how I prepped the food for a feast on my channel FUNJAYJAY | At Home with By Charred, for the people that love a BBQ/smoked meat tapas style restaurant experience at home

Feel free to leave your comments below or if you have any questions about the recipe, please do ask.



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